How Surveillance can help in a Child Custody case

Divorce is never easy as there are a lot of things to consider: splitting assets, who gets the dog, who gets the vacation home on the beach, but most importantly…who will get custody of the children?  There are some couples that when going through a divorce can work together and figure out terms that are best for the children as well as agreeable for the mother and father.  But there are situations where the two parties cannot agree on custody, whether it be joint or not.  When put into a situation where you need to go to arbitration for the children it is best to be the one prepared than the one answering the questions.  Here’s how Double G Protection & Investigation Firm can assist you in being the one prepared.

Not all situations are the same but when we get a call about a child custody investigation it is usually because our client thinks the other parent is not fit to have custody.  Whether it be for lack of responsibility, lack of income or other personal problems the parent may have, our clients feel they are unfit to have the child/children on their own.  Where Double G Protection & Investigation Firm can help is with a Pattern-of-Life investigation.

A Pattern-of-Life investigation is just that: an investigation into what the day to day activities of the subject are.  It does not mean we will find them cheating, or doing narcotics, or even leaving the children alone in their apartment.  What it means is we will track and record their actions through the time of surveillance.  The client will know what they are doing and, possibly more importantly, with whom.  Are they spending their nights at the bar drinking heavily?  Are they having another person spending time at their house for extended periods of time (more on that later)?  Is their behavior consistent with that of a good parent?  These are examples of what can be discovered in a Pattern-of-Life investigation.

Why is it important to know if someone is staying with your former partner?  Anyone that is around your children will have an effect on them, whether directly or indirectly.  If that third party’s behavior is not appropriate for a child, then it can have a drastic effect on their development.  Even if they are not directly interacting with the child, if they are an angry person and get into arguments with your former partner all the time that will have an effect on your former partner’s attitude when they’re around the children.  Children are like sponges and pick up on tone and attitude more than adults.  Ensure your children are growing up in the right environment.

A Child Custody investigation can go both ways too.  A Pattern-of-Life investigation tracks the actions during a specific timeframe.  Those actions may be positive for your children.  If that’s the case, it’s best to know that for sure.  What we can assure you is that when Double G Protection & Investigation Firm does a Pattern-of-Life investigation for a child custody case we are diligent, discreet and thorough.   In the end, what’s best for the child is to be with caring, neutering parents.  And if you are going to arbitration, it’s better to be the one prepared.

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