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Let us walk you through it…


Let us walk you through it… One of the first questions we receive when we get a call about doing an investigation is “What’s

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  • Background Checks

Know…before it’s too late


You’re sitting in the final interview for the job of your dreams.  You’ve worked long and hard to get to this point; working a

Know…before it’s too late2022-05-07T22:16:23+00:00
  • Surveillance

I will do it myself?


It is a scenario more common than you may think: a man or women may have a suspicion their partner is cheating on them. 

I will do it myself?2022-05-07T22:14:07+00:00
  • Social Media Investigations

Who are they “friends” with?


A key part of any investigation, whether it be a background check on a potential employee or the start of a potential cheating spouse

Who are they “friends” with?2022-05-07T22:10:37+00:00
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