How a PI can help with a criminal defense.

When you think of a private investigator your thoughts generally go to the person in the car with the big telescope camera lens, the former police officer that is tailing someone to catch them cheating on their spouse, or any of the hundreds of things PI’s can do.  What you probably don’t think of is how a private investigator can help you with your criminal defense case in court.

Every day in Fairfax and the surrounding counties of Northern Virginia there are hundreds of arrests made.  When a person is arrested, they are given a trial where they have an opportunity to fight the charges being brought against them.  In a lot of these cases, the chances of them beating the charges are based on the amount of prep the defense has done for their case (i.e. can they show they are not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt).  Building a criminal defense that can prove there may be a doubt in the client’s guiltiness is where a private investigator can assist.

When the client hires an attorney, their attorney’s duty is to build a case.  A private investigator’s job is to discover the facts, speak to the witnesses, review the police report and find the missing data that the attorney can us to help build the defense.  If the attorney is doing all these things, then they are not spending their time on the number one priority: the client’s defense.  A private investigator has the time, and experience, to conduct witness interviews to try and dig deeper into their story than they may have told the police.  A critical point could be discovered after the excitement of the event has dissipated and the witness has had time to digest it…all it takes is the right question.  Involved in a automobile crash where you feel you are not at fault?  A private investigator that is trained in scene recreation can analyze the police report and discover where they may have made mistakes or there are opportunities to point out someone else’s fault.  Even with a drug charge…there may have been steps that the police had skipped over that would cause a false arrest or mistrial.  When a trained eye reviews the police report they may be able to discover these types of mistakes.

When it comes to a criminal trial, the way you prepare your defense could mean the difference between you going home that day or not;  you having a criminal record for the rest of your life or not.  Do not leave it to chance.  Allow a private investigator, working as part of your law team and under the guidance of your attorney, to assist in building your case and helping to prove your innocence.  At the end of the day, you only have one day in court.

Criminal Investigations
Criminal Investigations

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