I have no idea where they are, but I NEED to find them!

A tenant that has skipped on their rent; an ex-boyfriend who ran off with your savings; a witness to a fight you need as a witness…..these are all examples of when a private investigator can help locate a person.  It’s called Skip Tracing and it can help in more ways than you may think.

No matter what the reason for a person disappearing there is always a trail.  When you need to locate a person and do not have their contact info a private investigator, trained in skip tracing, can assist you, or your legal team, in locating a person who has “fallen off the grid”.  A skip trace who has run off with your money is, unfortunately, a common scenario.  A hit-and-run accident where you were hit and cannot locate the person who hit you…this is a situation where a P.I. can do some digging and locate that vehicle and their owner.  A child has run away from home and the parents want more help then just the police.  These are all cases where a skip trace is the best way to track someone down.

So, how does it work?  The easiest way to explain it: detective work.  To put it into more detail:  an investigator will utilize their databases to track down any new digital footprints their skip may have left.  Combine that with foot-to-street detective work (interviewing people that may know the skip’s whereabouts or be a person-of-interest) and it becomes very difficult for a skip to remain hidden.  What do we mean by digital footprint?  Not to give away all the secrets, let’s just say that through social media, credit cards and digital cameras covering every square foot of a city, a little detective work can go a long way.

When you need to locate your child or find that person who ran off with your 401K, a private investigator can assist you, your legal team and the police in locating your skip and bringing closure to your situation.  Do not hesitate to reach out to Double G Investigation firm to find out how we can help you.

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