Infidelity and COVID-19: Part 2

As the new year approaches, we dive into the second part of our COVID BLOG where we discuss the signs of infidelity during the pandemic.  Although the “new norm” of quarantine has kept people closed up in their homes, the course of the pandemic has come to a point where people are venturing out and socializing more than they did back in April.  Though restaurants and bars have restrictions they are still open for business.  So, what signs should you be looking for during this time for infidelity?

As we discussed in part 1 of this BLOG, the pandemic is putting a lot of stresses on relationships due to the fact that couples are not able to spend time away from each other to decompress.  Although you would think a loving couple would want to spend 24 hours a day together, research has shown that a form of “cabin fever” arises when a group of people (relationship or not) are couped up together for an extended period of time without interactions with others.  People need breaks even from those they love.  This is the reason people join social clubs, venture out to sport groups, or even get this break while they go to work and socialize with their co-workers.

So what are the warning signs that something maybe amiss during this pandemic?  The biggest thing to pay attention to is your own instincts.  If your partner says they’re going somewhere that just doesn’t make sense (like a board meeting at work) and your subconscious says it just doesn’t make sense….there is something to be concerned about.  The world right now is not meeting in person.  There are not many public places a person can go right now.  Biggest thing: pay attention to your intuition.  If you need solid answers, that is when you call a private investigator.  Keep in mind:  although you may be in a relationship or married it is illegal to stalk someone without being a professional.

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