“Surveillance, also known as a Pattern-of-Life investigation, is the act of observing…”

surveillanceSurveillance is the act of observing, monitoring and reporting the activities and behaviors of people or objects.  Typical subjects or targets are people, places and vehicles.  It can be done in a covert manner where the subject, or objects, are unaware they are being watched.  Their actions are then recorded and reported back to our client.

Surveillance is an important part of protecting yourself, your loved ones or your company.  Whether it be for a family or personal matter, defending yourself against medical malpractice or a false injury claim, or you suspect an employee of theft or fraud, Double G Protection & Investigation Firm is available to help.  Our agents have the skills, experience and training to observe subjects and objects in multiple different situations, settings and with varying difficulties to obtain the facts and assist in building your case, giving you piece of mind or allowing for closure.  We use digital surveillance in combination with “eyes on” surveillance to get the greatest results possible for our clients.

Surveillance is more than just watching and recording.  It is a skill that is learned and needs to be practiced consistently and by the experts.  Our team has years of experience in multiple different industries that allow them to blend into any environment.

Surveillance may be an option in the following type of cases:

  •    Disability & Insurance Claims
  •    Civil Litigation
  •    Infidelity
  •    Child Custody
  •    Employment Activities
  •    Alimony Termination
  •    Traveling Loved Ones
  •    …and more

Double G Protection & Investigation Firm’s surveillance team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to travel throughout the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.  Once we have completed the surveillance, you will receive a detailed Final Findings Report that details what our agents discovered during the investigation including any photos, video and reports.

When you call you will speak to an agent who will discuss your case, including the details, with you free of charge.   Our prices are competitive and based on your case and the depth of the investigation you request.  We are discreet, private and do not share any information with anyone that you personally have not given us permission to do so with.

Cheating Partner


You may be in a marriage, a committed relationship, in the process of getting a divorce or ready to move on to the next phase. Whatever the case, you deserve to know if your romantic partner is faithful or not; and weather you want to believe it or not, most suspicion comes from hidden facts. Knowing is especially important for married clients looking for an annulment or those with prenuptial agreements that include fidelity clauses. Also, having knowledge of an affair can help clients protect themselves financially. This will be helpful for those that have shared assets or living arrangements with their partner or if divorce becomes an option.

With infidelity cases, Double G Protection & Investigation Firm can help you have piece-of-mind and finally know. Our team, along with your input, will put together a plan to dig up the facts using undercover surveillance, GPS location tracking (for those couples who share the vehicle ownership) and background investigation. Double G Protection & Investigation Firm’s agents are licenses in the Commonwealth of Virginia, bonded, insured and available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During the investigation, and up until you receive your Final Findings Report, our agents are available by phone, text and email to provide updates and work with you to get the best possible results. When you receive your Final Findings Report it will include a detailed explanation of what the agent uncovered during the investigation, including any photos, videos and reports that were gathered.

Double G Protection & Investigation Firm works with attorneys who are assisting with family law as well as the individual who is looking for answers. Our goal is to help you know the facts so you can continue on to the next step, whether it be healing your relationship or finding closure. Our agents are prepared to conduct the investigation wherever it leads, from Northern Virginia to North Carolina.

Let Double G Protection & Investigation Firm help put your suspicions of infidelity to rest and call today. When you call, you will speak to an agent who will discuss your case, including the details, with you free of charge. Our goal during this initial call is to get a picture of your case so we can get an accurate idea of what will be required during the investigation. Our prices are competitive and based on your case and the depth of the investigation you request. We are discreet, private and do not share any information with anyone that you personally have not given us permission to do so with.

Civil Litigation

Civil ClaimA private investigator, or private detective, can help in various ways during a civil lawsuit. It could be that the attorney has yet to file the suit and wants to get as much evidence available before submitting to the courts; perhaps the attorney is looking for more details to bolster their complaint; or it could be that the civil suit has been on-going for an extended period of time and they want new facts to re-energize their case. Whatever the circumstance may be, assistance from a private investigator can help strengthen their case.

There are many advantages to having a PI on your legal team:

They may be able to uncover clues or evidence that have gone undetected. ​
With a fresh set of eyes on police evidence, insurance contracts or even email or phone records, your team can discover the facts that turn the case into your favor. The attorney’s primary interest is to win the case, and this takes knowing the law and maneuvering the case thorough the court system. This should be the focus of the firm. A PI can assist in combing through the files, evidence, witnesses and testimony to find the hidden truths or discover the discrepancies.

Obtain Physical Evidence

One thing that Hollywood has gotten right about private investigators is they conduct a good amount of surveillance. During some civil cases, the other party may be making false claims that can be discovered during photo or video surveillance. So, why do you need a PI to do this when everyone’s phone has a camera? Obtaining surveillance footage takes experience and skill. Sometimes, it involves using high-tech equipment such as covert cameras, audio recording equipment and GPS trackers. Most importantly…in The Commonwealth of Virginia you MUST be certified by the state to “follow” someone. Otherwise, it’s considered stalking.

Double G Protection & Investigation Firm’s agents are ready to assist in building or strengthening your case. Call today for your free consultation

Criminal Defense Investigation

Criminal Defense InvestigationsLaw enforcement plays a huge role in a prosecutor’s ability to build a case. They help in finding witnesses to a crime or following the evidence in the course of accusing a suspect. But, there are times where the accused will realize there is key evidence missing or a possible witness who has yet to come forward. It is situations like this that a defense attorney may team up with a private investigator to help build the defense by finding and bringing forward the missing evidence or witnesses.

Double G Protection & Investigation Firm will partner with your defense team and conduct a Criminal Defense Investigation. During the process our agents will review the case, attempt to locate missing witnesses or uncover evidence that is not yet discovered. We will conduct interviews, surveillance and background checks to determine the quality of a potential witness, whether they’re for your defense or the prosecutor.

In the United States you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of your peers. Reasonable doubt is the key to a criminal defense. Our agents, teaming with your defense team, will help to build a “reasonable doubt” in the minds of the jury and court. During the course of the investigation, Double G Protection & Investigation Firm’s agents will go through the police reports, review evidence, photographs, phone messages and witness statements related to the case in the attempt to find inconsistencies or mistakes. We will dissect the steps taken by the police, from the beginning of the case when Miranda rights were given, to the moment you were charged and secured an attorney. We will re-visit the crime scene to see where anything may have been overlooked.

During the course of a criminal defense investigation, our team at Double G Protection & Investigation Firm will assist a defense team build a strong case to help ensure the innocent client be found not guilty. The benefit of having our agents on your team is it allows your defense attorney to focus on the case, not doing the field work on finding witnesses or reviewing a scene. We will work closely with your defense team to communicate our findings and give them the tools to build a strong defense.

Types of cases Double G Protection & Investigation Firm can assist with, felony or misdemeanor:

Drug charges
Sexual Assault
Hit and Run
Identity Theft
Weapon Charges
Domestic Violence

Call Double G Protection & Investigation Firm today to get your free consultation and see how we can help in building a solid defense.

Hidden Cameras and Microphones are a threat

We can sweep your home, office or vehicle for hidden cameras, land line phone taps, GPS tracking devices, long distance listening devices and other hidden surveillance equipment. We are available after hours or before big meetings to set up your room for your next meeting. Suspecious of hidden cameras in your home? We can search room by room to ensure your privacy is kept private.

Bug Sweeping

Child Custody

Our investigations can help you with a child custody case.

Background checks are basic security essentials

Background checks should be a part of every professional meeting, interview and on-the-verge-of-serious personal relationship. A basic background can give you an idea of who they are and where they’re from. Dive a little deeper and you will discover their criminal backgrounds as well as past employment, family relationships and much more. Double G Protection & Investigation Firm can deliver a simple background the same day. Have a little more time and we can deliver a full history. With access to records not available to the general public as well as court and DMV records, Double G Investigation can give you the answers to Who are they? Call today to start your free consultation.

Background Investigtion

Bar Theft Prevention

Double G’s investigative team has decades in the bar/restaurant/service industry, which includes overseeing servers, bartenders, managers and security officers.  If you are concerned your bartender is giving away drinks, or your server is reusing checks to keep cash transactions, Double G can help.  Our investigators will utilize tactics to either catch the employee in the act, record evidence of them giving away product, or even convince the employee to give a drink to the investigator themselves.  We work all hours of the day or night and all seven days of the week.  So whether you’re running a fine dining restaurant, a sports bar or night club, Double G has you covered.  Call today for a free consultation and let us save your bottom line.

Bar Theft Prevention

What is Bar Theft?

“Bar theft” typically refers to theft or stealing that occurs within a bar or tavern setting. This could involve stealing money from the cash register, taking bottles of alcohol, or even stealing personal belongings of patrons. It’s a form of theft that targets establishments where alcohol is served and can have serious consequences for both the business owners and the perpetrators. Bars often implement security measures to prevent theft, such as surveillance cameras, secure cash handling procedures, and staff training to detect and deter theft.

In the current economic environment you can never be to careful…

From on-boarding to asset retention and recovery, Double G Protection & Investigation Firm can assist with keeping your business entact and profitable. Worker’s Comp claims, documentation and HR assistance and funds protection…use our wealth of knowledge to keep your business safe.

Risk Countermeasures

A Personal Approach to Personal Investigations & Protective Services.

We provide custom-tailored private investigations & protection services specific to your requirements.


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