How can added security help your small business?

Every small business owner, whether they’re a independent restaurant or a clothing retail store, has the added responsibility of safe-guarding their business against theft.  It is a constant, never-ending problem that can go unchecked until it’s too late.  Theft while you’re open is concerning but you’re there to help curve it…but what about when you’re not?  What happens when you close the doors for the day and head home?

A security system is a useful tool to alert the authorities if someone breaks in.  If you have one that’s a good start.  Have you asked yourself “what does it really do for me?”.  The national average for police response time to a burglary alarm is 10 minutes.  So, what can happen in 10 minutes?  How much merchandise or cash can be taken in 5 minutes let alone 10?  The answer: more than you can afford.

During 2020, the Year of COVID, small businesses burglaries went up 63%.  Couple that with the sales decrease caused by the pandemic and it is a contributing factor as to why so many small businesses will not make it to the end of this global event.  So, what are the answers to how to curve this trend?  To start, every small business should speak to a security specialist and get a threat analysis of their business.  This assessment should not only include their inner security (theft from employees, security measures taken, etc.) but should include the exterior of their buildings, parking lots and neighboring areas.  Knowing what you could be facing is a great first step to stopping it from happening.

Second, after getting your threat assessment, take the necessary steps to secure your business. Sometimes this includes employing a security company to do nightly check in’s on your properties (secure the doors, monitor the immediate area, etc.).  Sometimes, during our assessments with businesses, we’ve recommended our guards being on location during the opening and closing of business, when the threat of theft is at it’s highest.  A service we currently offer to our customers is a security guard accompanying your manager, or yourself, to the bank for your cash deposits.

There are many options; but what’s important is learning and employing what’s right for your business.

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