What is Vehicle Crash Reconstruction and how can it help you?

When there is a crash involving two vehicles, and there’s nobody else around to witness it, how can law enforcement or the insurance companies discover what really happened?  Using a science called Vehicle Crash Reconstruction, the teams will utilize skid marks, passenger injuries, and crash impact measurements on vehicles, roadway barriers or other structures to determine the speed at which the vehicles were traveling before the impact happened.  So, how can this benefit you in your civil or criminal case?

After most crashes that occur, there will be a police report.  Depending on how severe the crash was, the police that arrive on scene will take measurements for their report that will be turned into insurance companies and kept as part of the case file.  These measurements will involve any skid marks that were left prior to and after impact, any crush zones on any vehicles associated with the crash and any structures around the crash, as well as any other marks left on the roadway or surrounding area due to the crash.  These measurements may work to your benefit in helping shape whether you were at fault or not if in the hands of a skilled reconstructionist.

So, how will this help you?  Let’s say you were involved in a crash and the person that hit you says you ran a red light and that’s why they collided with you.  Well, if there were measurements taken of the skid marks made by both vehicles then a reconstructionist can determine the speed of both vehicles at impact and can prove you stopped before proceeding through the intersection.  Another example:  let’s say you were T-Boned by a vehicle that sped through a stop sign.  Using the measurements taken from both the road and your vehicle we can prove that the person who hit you only did not stop at the stop sign but we can figure the speed they were traveling.  These examples can work in both a civil case, with you as the defendant or not; and they can work in a criminal suit where you are fighting for your innocence.  Either way, having a qualified reconstructionist on your legal team is an ace in the hole you cannot be without.

Don’t worry if you don’t know if measurements were taken at the scene of your collision.  Police do not turn these over to parties unless requested.  We can assist you and  your lawyer in gathering these reports.  Have a question about whether a vehicle collision reconstruction expert can help you?  Call today to discuss your case and get your free consultation.

Vehicle Crash Reconstruction
Vehicle Crash Reconstruction

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