From the Files:  Successful Surveillance

We received a call from a client who just a few weeks earlier had caught their spouse cheating red-handed.  The spouse was again going to be “out of town on business” and was headed out that morning.  Our client wanted surveillance on their spouse since this time they couldn’t make the trip to catch them again.

Within a few hours we were on scene at the out-of-town hotel and set up in the lobby.  We were able to identify the spouse in the hotel and located their room.  During the first half of the surveillance we set up in the hotel lobby as well as the parking lot.  We were able to locate their vehicle as well as what we believed to be the vehicle of their visitor.  Using our database and the info from the suspected visitor’s vehicle, we were able to identify the visitor.  We called it a night at 11pm and, while communicating with the client, set up to return to the parking lot at 6am the next morning.

We returned before 6am and made contact with our client.  At a concealed location in the parking lot we set up with our surveillance equipment to get a view of the visitor returning to their vehicle as well as the spouse’s vehicle.  Around 10am, the visitor walked to their vehicle, put their suitcase in the trunk and returned to the hotel.  Three minutes later the visitor and spouse came out of the hotel and walked to the visitor’s vehicle.  For the next five minutes they engaged in romantic behavior.  We were in a great location to get the evidence.

This case was successful due to the communication we continually had with the client as well as being diligent to get the ideal shot.  We were able to get the outcome the client wanted while also concealing our presence to the subject and their visitor.

Cheating Partner
Cheating Partner

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